MACo Partners with cashVest by three+one to Help Counties Maximize the Value of Financial Resources

MACo proudly announces our newest endorsed partner, cashVest by three+one, who will help Maryland counties leverage new data capabilities to maximize the value of available financial resources. With federal relief funds incoming, counties should not miss this opportunity to exercise best practices and build on liquidity.

cashVest complements current public finance practices and, because three+one is neither a bank, registered investment advisor, or financial advisor, it provides the confidence that your entity is receiving independent, unbiased data from a third-party FinTech provider.  

Even more importantly, the three+one team is composed of former public officials; they have been in your position, they know the difficulties facing counties, they have had to make the difficult choices you face and, because of all that, they share your commitment in working for the public good.

Here are some of the ways cashVest by three+one can help your county:

  • Confidence your county is maximizing all financial resources. An objective third-party data provider can complement current efforts of your fiscal team.
  • Peer benchmarking using liquidity data compiled across the country to ensure your county performs at the highest possible level compared to peers.
  • Stress-testing on liquidity to show how vulnerable cash positions are in worst-case scenarios. Provide future forecasts that tell an entity where its cash position will be in the future.
  • Right-sizing of bank fee structures, no matter the rate environment.
  • The potential of a higher credit rating, as advanced liquidity projections and cash flow capacity now make up 10% of the framework for local GO ratings at S&P.

The MACo partnership with three+one is in conjunction with the National Association of Counties and has been deemed as a best practice and COVID-19 resource. MACo is eager to provide this resource to our membership as cashVest is a proven solution that has brought over $300 million back to the public entities it serves nationwide.

We will be hosting a webinar to provide the MACo membership with an essential educational resource on cashVest on April 21; we hope you will join us. In the meantime, if you would like a discovery call with three+one, please visit our website or email Garrett Macdonald (, or call 585-484-0311, ext. 704.