Central Committee Nominates Marlon Amprey to Replace Mosby in House of Delegates

Marlon Amprey

The Baltimore City Democratic Central Committee last week nominated Marlon Amprey to replace former Delegate Nick Mosby in the Maryland House of Delegates. Amprey received four of seven votes from members of the central committee.

From Maryland Matter’s coverage:

“I know what we need for our students, I know what we need to make our government more efficient, and I know what we need for to make our economic system more equitable and to ensure that we have businesses and a thriving community that looks like its citizens,” [Ambrey] said.

Amprey, a third generation resident of the 40th District, underscored that equity would drive his policies. Making sure that the state’s most vulnerable residents, such as those in nursing homes and incarcerated people, have equal access to the COVID-19 vaccine, is critical, he said.

Former Delegate Nick Mosby was sworn in earlier this month as Baltimore City Council president.

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