Dodd, Holloway Chosen to Lead Wicomico Council

The Wicomico County Council this week voted to have Council President Larry Dodd continue his role, and Council Member Joe Holloway become Vice President for the coming year.

Dodd will serve a second consecutive year as Council President having previously been Vice President for three years. He was first elected to represent District 3 on the Council in 2014. Dodd served as Captain of the City of Salisbury Fire Department and was a firefighter and paramedic from 1994-2013.

Council Member Holloway has represented District 5 for over 14 years, and is currently the longest-serving member of the Council. Holloway served as President of the County Council in 2011.

The vote for both leadership positions was split 4-3, with Council Members Ernest Davis and Nicole Acle also voting in favor. Council Members John Cannon, Bill McCain, and Josh Hastings preferred Cannon for President and then Vice President.

Visit the Wicomico County Council website for more information.