State Awards Counties Nearly $10 Million in Grants to Fight Opioid and Substance Use Crisis

pill and bottleThe Opioid Operational Command Center distributed $9.6 million in grants to counties for FY 2021 as part of a $50 million, five-year commitment the Hogan-Rutherford Administration made to fight the crisis. 

Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford announced the awards in coordination with the Maryland Opioid Operational Command Center (OOCC) and Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA). The funds are a combination of competitive grants for specific programs and block grants to county Opioid Intervention Teams.

From the press release:

The fiscal year 2021 grant distributions include:

  • $5.6 million in competitive grants to fight the opioid and substance use crisis through the highest-scoring programs that align with the OOCC’s mission and that meet the most pressing needs around the state; and
  • $4.0 million in block grants distributed among the Opioid Intervention Teams (OITs) in each of the state’s 24 local jurisdictions to fight the crisis in ways that best meet their own needs.

The purpose of the Competitive Grant Program is to distribute grant funding to the highest-scoring proposals received from state and local government agencies and from private, community-based partners. Programming that qualifies for the Competitive Grant Program represents Governor Hogan’s policy priority areas of Prevention & Education, Enforcement & Public Safety, and Treatment & Recovery.

The purpose of the Block Grant Program is to provide a base level of funding to each of Maryland’s 24 local jurisdictions in order to combat the opioid crisis. The Block Grant Program is formula based, with half of the funds allocated by population and the other half allocated according to local fatality rates. Each jurisdiction determines how to use its allocation to best meet its own needs in fighting the opioid and substance use crisis. For FY21, a total of $4.0 million will be distributed through the Block Grant Program.

For more information:

Lieutenant Governor Boyd K. Rutherford Announces Opioid and Substance Use Grant Awards for FY 2021 (press release)