Pandemic Presents Former Inmates with New Barriers to Re-entry

application-1915347_1920 - pixabay - 8.24.20Individuals recently released from jails face limited reentry programs and loss of job opportunities as the pandemic rages on.

The coronavirus pandemic has millions of Americans without a job. Formerly incarcerated individuals are facing particular employment challenges as the lack of jobs also impacts their ability to meet probation requirements or pay required fees.

From Governing:

The crisis has halted some reentry programs entirely, limited the resources available to their clients or forced them to operate virtually. Advocates say some returning citizens will find the help simply isn’t there.

Then there’s the always-daunting challenge of finding a job. Without one, released inmates are unable to pay fines and fees associated with reentry, like the supervision fees often required for probation. Maintaining employment is often a requirement of supervision — and failing to do so can count as a violation.

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COVID-19 Presents New Re-Entry Barriers for Former Inmates (Governing)