St. Mary’s Launches Program to Assist in Recovery, Reinvestment, and Workforce Retention

St. Mary's SealThe St. Mary’s County Department of Economic Development today announced a series of virtual listening sessions with local businesses to help identify and prioritize pandemic recovery needs.

Targeting specific market segments, “Navigating Now” will start with a focus on the foodservice industry in a session planned for Monday, Aug. 24, 2020, at 9 a.m. Restaurants, catering companies, and other businesses in the foodservice sector are invited to participate and discuss current needs for operating under the COVID-19 requirements.

“As the economy continues to recover, we want to use these sessions to better understand how to support our local businesses,” said Chris Kaselemis, Director of Economic Development. “The insights gained from these sessions will help identify the priorities and inform our responses as we work to sustain and strengthen our local economy.”

According to a press release:

Registration can be found here:

Business owners and industry leaders are encouraged to respond to a brief survey to gauge impact within the foodservice industry before the listening session. The survey can be found here: The deadline to respond to the survey is Friday, Aug. 21, and the results will be included in the discussion session.

Visit the St. Mary’s Department of Economic Development for more information.