Campaign Connects Every Student with a Post-Graduation Plan

Charles County Public School’s Maryland College Application Campaign helps students plan for their next step after high school.

High school success is increasingly measured by the ability of high school graduates to attain higher education or find promising careers. These measures are meaningful not only to the education community, but also to county government officials who look at community needs holistically, and seek not only to reach high standards for K-12 education, but also to stimulate local economies with a strong workforce, reduce public safety and social services needs, and maintain a strong tax-base throughout Maryland.

MACo’s representatives on the Kirwan Commission will be advocating for county concerns regarding education. In addition, Maryland’s P-2o Council and legislation to create College and Career Ready students through implementation of the common core standards seek to address the gap between high school and beyond.

Charles County Public Schools are focusing locally on making sure each student has a strong plan for her future. As reported by Southern Maryland News Online,

To support all seniors, [Charles County Public Schools] CCPS focused last week’s campaign efforts on each senior submitting at least one application to a college, university or technical school, developing a post-secondary educational plan, researching trades or job fields and exploring the process of enlisting in the Armed Forces.

“Our goal is for every graduating senior to have a plan for their future after they graduate. Whether this is attending college, entering the workforce or attending trade school or military training … we want them to leave high school as prepared for their future as possible,” said Alicia Jones, supervising school counselor for CCPS.

For more information, see Charles County Public Schools Helps Seniors Plan for Their Future from Southern Maryland News Online.