Commission Seeks Major Criminal Justice Reform, Focus on Marginalized Populations

handcuffs-2202224_1920People’s Commission to Decriminalize Maryland seeks to transform the criminal justice system through reforms in five key policy areas. 

The Commission was founded with the goal of giving a voice to advocates left out of other state run endeavors and to address disaprities in policing.

Maryland Matters reports:

They’ll identify laws they believe need to be reformed or eliminated surrounding five policy areas: drugs, homelessness, poverty, sex work and juvenile justice.

Activists, community leaders and those directly impacted by existing policy are combing through the state’s criminal and juvenile justice codes to identify what laws disproportionately impact marginalized people. The intent is to bring equity to Maryland’s justice system through fewer police interactions and an increase in alternative intervention strategies, with a focus on public health.

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Commission to Decriminalize Md. Seeks ‘Serious Transformation’ of Justice System (Maryland Matters)