Cecil Bolsters Emergency Communications for First Responders

Cecil County Executive Alan McCarthy today signed off on the final acceptance of the Cecil County Motorola P-25 Enhancement Project. The project, which began in 2018, and first went live in June 2019, will improve the effectiveness of Cecil County’s Emergency Services, conserve tax dollars, and bolster the safety of residents and first responders.

“The work this project took behind the scenes was extensive, but it serves as a great example of what can be achieved when we don’t worry about who gets credit or recognition, but just focus on providing good government to the people,” County Executive McCarthy said.

Cecil County Department of Emergency Services staff, along with County Executive Alan McCarthy, County administrative staff, and members of the Maryland FiRST and Motorola Solutions teams celebrate the project completion.

Designed to replace the aging and outdated radio system that was previously used by Cecil County’s Department of Emergency Services, the P-25 Enhancement Project will bring more consistent, reliable, and functional technology to first responders and County workers.

Operating on the “Maryland FiRST” state system, the new radio technology will allow total intercommunication between the Cecil County Department of Emergency Services, Cecil County Sheriff’s Office, other law enforcement agencies, and county-wide volunteer fire services, as well as all public works, transit, health department, and public school operations.

The new system includes over 1400 portable and mobile radios, upgrades to the primary and backup 9-1-1 centers, enhancements to the County’s radio tower sites, and connection to the statewide Maryland First Responder Radio System Team 700 MHz radio system.

According to a Cecil County press release:

An investment of $9,492,000 in the future of Cecil County’s emergency response capabilities, the Motorola P-25 Enhancement Project will keep our citizens and first responders safer, and is a testament to the abilities of the hardworking public servants in the County Administration and Department of Emergency Services.

Motorola Solutions, Inc. is a MACo Gold Corporate Partner.

Visit the Cecil County website for more information.