Frederick Takes Steps to Prevent Forest Loss

Yesterday the Frederick County Council unanimously passed legislation that outlines a path for no net forest loss in the county.

County Executive Jan Gardner’s initiative to strengthen the County’s Forest Resources Ordinance was introduced as a bill by Council member Kai Hagen. After pandemic related delays the bill has been unanimously approved by the County Council. Included in the bill are two methods for preventing forest loss which, under certain circumstances, will require developers adhere to a 1:1 reforestation ratio.

A 1:1 reforestation ratio was first first established by the county in 2008, and was then eliminated in 2011. Frederick estimates that since the reforestation requirement was eliminated the county has lost an average of 70 acres of forestland per year.

County Council Bill 20-04 – Amendments to Chapter 1-21 of the Frederick County Code (Forest Resource Ordinance) 

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