Anne Arundel to Award Length of Service Points to Volunteer Firefighters Amid COVID-19 Shutdown

200px-Seal_of_Anne_Arundel_County,_MarylandAnne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman yesterday signed Executive Order #26, which awards 25 service points to each active administrative volunteer fire department member. The points are applied towards the annual 50 point requirement, under the point system set forth in § 12-1-305 of the Anne Arundel County Code.

The points are part of the Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP), which provides benefits to long-term volunteer firefighters. Points for administrative members are awarded by attending meetings, participating in training, staffing fundraisers, and serving on various Boards.

According to County Executive Pittman:

Because of the restrictions due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, most opportunities to earn points have been limited or eliminated. Awarding 25 points at this time will help administrative members continue to participate in the program, despite the limitations imposed by COVID-19.

Visit the Anne Arundel County website for more information.