Federal Grants to Help State Fight Drug-Impaired Driving

car-1531273_1920 - pixabay - 6.1.20The  Governors Highway Safety Administration (GHSA) has awarded nearly $45,000 in grants to the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Association.

The grant funds will be used to reduce drug-impaired driving primarily by training state law enforcement to better recognize and respond to the signs of drug-impaired driving.

WTOP reports:

The MVA will use the grant to train officers in the use of toxicology equipment and software, and offer courses for qualifying officers to become “drug-recognition experts” — officers who can offer an expert opinion on whether a driver is drug-impaired. Another course in roadside impaired driving enforcement will train 15 to 25 officers to spot and articulate signs of drug-related impairment.

The article notes Maryland is one of six states awarded these grant funds.

For more information:

Maryland gets $45k to stop drug-impaired driving (WTOP)