Charles Developing Nuisance Flood Plan, Seeks Resident Input

Charles County nuisance flooding heat map

The Charles County Department of Emergency Services is developing a plan for combating nuisance flooding in the county and is seeking resident input. 

Nuisance flooding occurs during high tide when water levels are high enough to reach over the banks of waterways. Water from nuisance flooding spills onto roads causing traffic disruptions and into both commercial and residential areas causing damage to buildings and increasing stormwater pollution runoff. In an effort to protect areas from nuisance flooding Charles County is developing a plan to make the county more resilient to nuisance flooding occurrences. The Department of Emergency Services is encouraging residents who have experienced nuisance flooding to take their “Map Your Flooding Survey” that will allow residents to pinpoint on a map where they have encountered flooding and document concerns regarding nuisance flooding.

The Department will hold a public meeting tentatively scheduled for Monday, Aug. 24 at 4 p.m. to present the Nuisance Flood Plan, including public comment received.

For more information view the Charles County press release.