Hornberger In Position to Win Cecil County Executive Race

Source: daniellehornberger.com

Danielle Hornberger has a commanding lead in the the four-way Republican Primary for Cecil County Executive, collecting roughly 60 percent of recorded votes. Incumbent County Executive Alan McCarthy is in second place with 24 percent.

Hornberger, an aide to Congressman Andy Harris, has an initial tally of 5,393 votes while McCarthy is situated in second place with 2,141 votes. Challenger Ewing McDowell and sitting Council Member Bill Coutz trail the leaders with 693 and 690 votes respectively. During the 2016 election 11,278 voters cast their ballots in the Cecil County Executive Republican primary. With votes cast by mail and in person voting accounted for, the current turn out for this years race totals 8,917 with provisional ballots yet to be recorded. The declared winner will face Democratic Challenger Jeff Kase in the November General Election.

Hornberger was also on the ballot this year as a candidate to become a Trump Delegate to the Republican National Convention and currently holds the top spot in the four-way race for three spots.

Vote totals and percentages in this article are based on unofficial results of the Maryland State Board of Elections as of 11:00 am Wednesday morning. Official results will follow. Due to COVID-19, few polling places were open and mail-in voting was strongly encouraged. Readers are advised that unofficial results are subject to realignment in the days ahead and official results will follow after a full accounting of pending ballots. To view the most up to date unofficial results, visit the State Board of Elections website.