Mosby Ahead in Race for City Council President


Nick Mosby is on track to win the primary race for Baltimore City Council President based on preliminary results.

The Baltimore Sun reports on the race results initially released by the state board of elections:

Mosby was considered one of three leading Democratic contenders for the city’s No. 2 position, along with former City Councilman Carl Stokes and City Councilwoman Shannon Sneed.

Returns from roughly 70,000 mailed ballots counted before primary day showed Mosby with a 12 percentage point lead over his nearest rival, Sneed, with Stokes not far behind in third. These numbers are based on ballots collected ahead of Tuesday.

Mosby is a former City Council Member and currently serves as a delegate for Maryland’s 40th district. Assuming his lead holds, Mosby will face Jovani Patterson in the general election race. Patterson was unopposed in the Republican primary. However, as registered Democrats significantly outnumber registered Republicans in Baltimore City, a Democratic primary win will most likely result in a general election win.

Vote totals and percentages in this article are based on unofficial results of the Maryland State Board of Elections. Official results will follow. Due to COVID-19, few polling places were open and mail-in voting was strongly encouraged. Readers are advised that unofficial results are subject to realignment in the days ahead and official results will follow after a full accounting of pending ballots.