Speaker Announces House Work Group on Police Reform and Accountability

car-1531273_1920 - pixabay - 6.1.20The workgroup, chaired by House Judiciary Committee Vice-Chair Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary, will meet over the summer to prepare legislation for the 2021 General Assembly session. 

Speaker Adrienne Jones and House Judiciary Chair Luke Clippinger announced the formation of the bi-partisan workgroup over the weekend.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

Areas the work group will explore include: how police misconduct is investigated, whether there should be statewide standards on police use of force, how body cameras are used, and ways to prosecute crimes committed by police.

The state legislature already has a Commission to Restore Trust in Policing, formed following the revelations of corrupt policing carried out by Baltimore’s Gun Trace Task Force. That commission is set to end its work in 2020.


For more information:

After death of George Floyd, Maryland lawmakers forming work group on police reform, accountability (The Baltimore Sun)