Anne Arundel County Executive Seeks to Fund Police Body Cameras in County Budget

Anne-Arundel-County-SealCounty Executive Steuart Pittman to introduce a supplementary budget request to fund body cameras for the county police department. 

Citing local and national instances of bias, hate crimes, and death at the hands of police, Pittman has advanced plans to fund police body cameras. The program is estimated to initially cost between $4 million and $5 million for equipment and technology.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

Though Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman said he wanted to fund them in the fall after the state police report found that Anne Arundel had more instances of bias and hate crimes than any other jurisdiction in Maryland. He said he did not include them in his May 1 proposal, citing decimated revenue projections due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, after a week of unrest around the country, state and county after yet another black person, George Floyd, was killed by law enforcement officers, Pittman has said his team is scrambling to put together a supplementary budget request that would add the body cameras to the budget.

The article notes that the supplemental budget proposal is likely to have enough support from the County Council to make it into the final budget.

For more information:

Body cameras expected to make late entry into Anne Arundel’s proposed budget following protests after George Floyd’s death (The Baltimore Sun)

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