Prince George’s Approves Hazard Pay, Comp Time for Frontline Employees

Prince George's County SealPrince George’s County approves compensatory time and stipends for frontline employees amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Prince George’s County Council last week approved a resolution to provide compensatory time and stipends for employees who are required to perform essential functions during the COVID-19 public health emergency. The resolution was submitted to the Council by County Executive Angela Alsobrooks.

Essential employees that worked between March 20 and April 11 will be entitled to receive one (1) hour of compensatory time for each hour worked during the local emergency declaration. Additionally, essential employees that work between April 5 and June 28 will be entitled to receive a stipend in the amount of $350 per pay period.

According to a letter from County Executive Alsobrooks to the Council:

As you aware, COVID-19 continues to pose an imminent risk to the health, safety, and welfare of Prince George’s County residents. Many of our County employees are demonstrating dedication and courage by providing essential services to the County during this time.

While managing County resources that are being severely strained by COVID-19, the County would like to provide the proposed stipend for the critical services being performed by our County employees. This legislation strikes an appropriate balance of exhibiting responsible stewardship over County resources and providing additional compensation for our employees who are providing critical services during this challenging time.

The resolution was approved by the County Council on Monday, May 11.

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