Talbot Council Adopts Fiscal 2016 Budget

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The Talbot County Council adopted a FY 2016 operating budget totaling $78.6 million, an increase of 5.38% over the current fiscal year.

Public safety is the highest priority with funds being provided for public safety staffing and resources, volunteer fire departments, and new debt service for an emergency radio system. The budget also funds step increases for county employees and the school system at the required level for maintenance of effort.

Additional revenues are being generated by increasing the county property tax rate from $0.527 to $0.536.  The county income tax remains unchanged.

The proposed FY 2016 capital budget is $4.3 million with funds being provided for county facilities, waterways, highways & streets, parks & recreation, and schools.

Additional information on Talbot County’s Fiscal 2016 budget can be found on the county website.