Cecil Council Reduces Budget to Avoid Property Tax Increase

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The Cecil County Council approved a $182.1 million fiscal 2016 budget this week, making additional reductions to avoid an increase in the county’s property tax rate. As reported by the Cecil Whig,

The council’s approval of County Executive Tari Moore’s proposed budget came with the adoption of 28 amendments that specified which departments would be cut and by how much.

After weeks of combing through the budget line-by-line, the council found a total of $2.63 million in cuts they agreed on in order to avoid Moore’s proposed 2-cent property tax increase.

Council members also agreed on an increase in the county transfer tax, but will allow those with properties currently under contract who settle before August 31 to pay the old tax of $10.

Additional information on the Fiscal 2016 budget can be found on the county’s website.