Family Assistance Collaboration To Help Anne Arundel Community Members

help-2478193_1920 - pixabay - 5.15.20Collaboration between the county and school system seeks to help students and residents in need. 

Earlier this week Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman announced the formation of the Family Assistance Collaboration.

As reported in The Baltimore Sun:

Pittman listed needs like housing and income support, childcare, access to computer software, mental health services and nutrition as the county continues to combat COVID-19. More than 100 residents have died to the disease in the county, caused by the new novel coronavirus.

“What we really wanted to do was to get our staffs working together and make sure we are identifying needs and thinking outside of the box for how to fix them quickly and address them so that they can do what they do even better and we can do what we do even better.”

For more information:

Anne Arundel County and schools officials form Family Assistance Collaboration to help students, residents (The Baltimore Sun)