City BOE Approves $3 Million to Help Close Digital Divide

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 Funds to be transfered from the Baltimore Children & Youth Fund to Baltimore City Schools to meet the immediate need for distance learning technology. 

The Baltimore City Board of Estimates approved the $3 million transfer earlier this week which builds on emergency legislation passed by the City Council to authorize use of money from the Children & Youth Fund to help with access to technology and food.

As announced in a press release:

“The COVID-19 pandemic continues to  make Baltimore’s pre-existing inequities and disparities, including the digital divide, starkly clear,” Scott continued. “This money will be put to good use to meet the immediate educational needs of our young people during this unprecedented time and ensure that they have the resources to continue their studies and work toward their future.”

The Baltimore City Board of Estimates formulates and executes the fiscal policy of the City. It consists of five members: The Mayor, President of the City Council, the Comptroller, the City Solicitor, and the Director of Public Works.

For more informaion;

Board of Estimates, Chaired by Council President Scott, Approves $3 Million to Close the Digital Divide (Press Release)