Harford Makes the Push for Third Place in Census Rankings by County

Harford County SealHarford County is climbing in the ranks for counties with the highest percentage of self-responses to the Maryland Census. With 64.3% of their count completed, they rank third just behind second-place Howard (67.4%) and first-place Carroll (67.6%).


Data via Maryland Census Twitter account

Harford previously ranked in fifth place just two weeks ago, behind Frederick and Montgomery County. Maryland is currently 14th in state rankings, tied with Idaho at 56.9%. Maryland held the thirteenth spot last week, with 54.2% of self-responses completed.

The census is quick and easy to complete, either online, via telephone, or by mail. Census numbers help direct billions of dollars in federal funding to local communities for important public services. The census count is also used to redraw legislative districts based on population count.

For more on current census data, view the U.S. Census Bureau’s Response Rate Challenge, or visit the Maryland Census website.