Chesapeake Bay Foundation Launches Remote Education Series

Image via Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Facebook page.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) recently launched a new online series for students, teachers and parents, as an educational resource during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation has always been a champion of outside learning, but restrictions related to the coronavirus have forced them to cancel educational field experiences and close outdoor recreations centers across Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

In an effort to continue educating children and adults about the bay, CBF has created a new program called Learn Outside, Learn At Home.”

From CBF’s website:

“In order to support you during this unprecedented time, CBF educators are hard at work creating new ways for educators and students to keep learning outside and learning about the environment. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing new interactive and social resources to keep you connected to the Bay and the watershed from your own backyard, porch, or park.”

“As we all deal with “stay at home” directives and “social distancing,” CBF educators are creating new content from their own backyards and home offices so educators and students can keep learning outside and learning about the environment. Below are a variety of student investigations and activities, blog posts on the environment and nature journaling, and videos to help your “learn at home” efforts.”

CBF’s online learning resources include fact sheets and activity forms. CBF educators are also creating and sharing Chesapeake Bay watershed environmental science videos. Videos are followed up with activities for students to complete while exploring around their homes or nearby nature areas.

CBF is also working to produce blog posts and webinars geared toward adults restricted by the State’s stay-at-home orders.

More details on CBF’s remote learning opportunities can be found in this article recently published online by the Times Record, or by visiting The Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s website.