Counties Welcome Proposed Septic System License & Training Requirements

MACo Policy Associate Alex Butler testified February 11, 2020 before the Senate Education, Health, & Environment Affairs Committee to support with amendments SB 254 – On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems – Inspection – Licensing. The bill would address the systemic issue of improper septic inspections by transfer inspectors by requiring the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) to create an onsite wastewater property transfer license and training requirements for septic system inspectors.

From the MACo Testimony:

For homes with a septic or other on-site sewage disposal system, a proper inspection is critical as a failing system can cost a homebuyer thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. Currently, there are few standards in place regarding inspector training and the only recourse a homebuyer has against a bad inspection is the costly option of taking the inspector to court.

MACo, after consultation with county environmental health directors, is aware of numerous instances where inspectors with little or no training signed off on a septic system that was clearly failing or in need of major repairs. Due to this systemic problem, MACo believes that licensing and training requirements are needed for inspectors.

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