All Bay Bridge Lanes to be Open by Summer 2020

Governor Hogan announced that all lanes at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge will be open this summer as westbound work will be completed a year ahead of schedule. With over 27 million drivers crossing the bridge annually, the revitalization project’s progress is exciting to many.

From MDTA’s Press Release:

“I am pleased to announce that this project will be completed a full year ahead of schedule, and that all lanes on the Bay Bridge will be open by summer of 2020,” said Governor Hogan. “Our entire team has spent the past few months working around the clock to make today’s announcement possible. I want to thank all of the men and women who are designing and constructing these important projects, as well as everyone who operates, maintains, and protects the bridge and its travelers each and every day.”

This news comes after Governor Hogan asked the Maryland Transportation Authority to expedite the process back in October. Also coming this summer will be all-electric tolling so that drivers will not stop to pay tolls. Benefits of all-electronic tolling include less idling time for better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, decreased congestion, increased driver safety, and a safer work environment for employees.