St. Mary’s County Recommended Budget Proposes Unchanged Tax Rates, Salary Increase

St. Mary’s County’s proposed $220 million budget for fiscal 2015 will head to a public hearing after a split vote by the St. Mary’s County Commissioners on March 18.

From the article,

The recommended fiscal 2015 county budget proposes no hike in income or property tax rates, but does include a small increase in the 7th District’s fire tax to support its fire department there. The county government’s current operating budget is $222.6 million.

St. Mary’s County government employees are budgeted a step salary increase after July 1 when the new budget begins. The public school system gets $4 million more in local funding for a total of $93.9 million. The sheriff’s budget receives $1 million more for a total of $35.3 million, plus some replacement vehicles. FDR Boulevard has $6 million in construction funds and the county’s emergency radio communications system is on the fast track to completion with $11.3 million.

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