Garrett County Launches New Brand: “The Deep Creek Experience”

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garrett county logoThe Garrett County Chamber of Commerce, along with the Garrett County Office of Economic Development has launched a new brand for Garrett County: “The Deep Creek Experience”.  The new brand will be used county-wide with the goal of increasing people, jobs and investment in Garrett County.

From Garrett County Chamber of Commerce’s press release:

Embracing a sense of nostalgia, the new brand “The Deep Creek Experience” includes the word “Authentic” with reference to all of the activities and items for which Garrett County is known.

“Based on our research, we needed a logo and messaging that would elicit feelings of nostalgia, while conveying the authenticity of our community and staying true to who we are,” said Nicole Christian, President & CEO of the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce.  “The art and messaging needed to feature our most recognizable asset which communicates our geographic location while allowing for use county-wide. The entire County needs to leverage the equity of Deep Creek even if the business, town or organization is not in close proximity to the Lake.”

Mike Koch, Executive Director of Garrett County Community Planning and Development concurred, saying, “Good brands speak truthfully to their target audiences.  We spent a great deal of time and energy collecting input from our residents and visitors to ensure that our County brand was authentic, and was broad enough to help us grow as we move forward.  Current residents and visitors know fondly their ‘Deep Creek Experience’, we invite you to come find yours!”

Phase II of Garrett County’s new brand implementation will begin in spring of 2014 and Phase III will begin in the summer of 2014. Phase II includes the redesign and launch of the Chamber’s and Economic Development’s websites featuring The Deep Creek Experience brand, inclusion in the 2014 Visitors Guide, inclusion in the 2014-15 Activities Guide and signage at the Visitors Center.  Phase III includes the creation and launch of the “Are We There Yet” mobile app and the creation of merchandise.

For more information about the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce, log onto or call 301.387.4386.