Today’s Assets Can Fund Tomorrow’s Retiree Health Care Costs – Find Out How at #MACoCon

MACo’s Winter Conference (Dec 4-6, 2019) will feature many solutions to common local governance challenges. One of those challenges is funding retiree health care costs – learn more at the OPEB Trust meeting to be held at the conference.

money-2724241__340The MACo Pooled OPEB Investment Trust Fund is a vehicle designed to help local governments invest current funds toward future obligations for retiree health insurance, a.k.a. “other post-employment benefits.” Recent accounting rule changes have highlighted these liabilities on government balance sheets, and many counties are amidst plans to save toward these future costs.

Attend the quarterly meeting of MACo’s OPEB Trust to learn more about how your assets can work for you!

  • Title: OPEB Trust Meeting
  • Description: Multiple counties and local entities have banded together to jointly invest today’s assets toward tomorrow’s retiree health care costs. During this open session, MACo’s OPEB Investment Trust will conduct its quarterly business—and you are welcome to join and hear from the investment managers, auditors, and actuaries who make this a great option for your county (or library, or community college) to “plug and play” and get your assets to work!
  • Date/Time: Friday, December 6, 2019; 11:00 am – 12 noon

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