2 Ways to End Your Friday at #MACoCon

MACo’s Winter Conference (Dec 4-6, 2019) will be packed with information about how to prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead for Maryland. We’re pushing the content right up until the last minute…see why Friday is just as “can’t miss” as Wednesday…

WCD19 Reg Brochure CoverFriday’s content starts out with our always-popular General Assembly Forecast – leadership from both chambers, as well as a legislative expert from the Administration, will discuss what they see coming up for the 2020 Session.

But, here are two ways to end your Friday that will leave you thinking about next steps for your county:

1. Closing Session: Cannabis Conundrum
This session will look at the revenue potential and subsequent mechanics of a responsible and legitimate cannabis industry in Maryland. Factors such as public health, social equity, local reinvestment, tax and license structures, and more will make this an interesting discussion not to be missed by any local officials.

2. OPEB Trust Meeting
The MACo Pooled OPEB Investment Trust Fund is a vehicle designed to help local governments invest current funds toward future obligations for retiree health insurance, a.k.a. “other post-employment benefits.” The Trust will conduct its quarterly meeting at the conference—and you are welcome to join and hear from the investment managers, auditors, and actuaries who make this a great option for your county (or library, or community college) to “plug and play” and get your assets to work!

Learn more about MACo’s Winter Conference: