Queen Anne’s Previews 2021 Budget Proposal, Calendar


Queen Anne’s County today previewed some of the highlights from its FY2021 budget proposal and budget calendar.

The county administrator’s budget is scheduled to be released on March 24, 2020, with the Queen Anne’s County Commissioners holding work sessions in April.

The commissioner’s budget proposal is due on April 21, followed by public hearings in May. Budget adoption is scheduled for June 9.

According to a press release:

  • Rainy Day Fund will retain funding of at least 8% of budgeted revenues.
  • To the extent possible, Enterprise Funds should be self-supporting.
  • In the spirit of zero base, departments will be required to justify spending at levels more than 10% above the FY20 budget by line item, if the dollar increases exceed a minimum dollar threshold.
  • Budget growth will correspond to the growth in revenue estimates; current estimates are about a 3.5-4.0% increase over FY2020.
  • Anticipated cost increases in fringe benefits, primarily in health benefits.
  • Continued adherence to County policies regarding debt, fund balance, Rainy Day Fund.
  • Budget requests will include the opportunity for Departments to submit well justified enhancements, including additional positions, services, etc.
  • Enhancements may be identified by the Commissioners to achieve specified program goals such as reducing drug related emergency transports, improving health outcomes, or increasing participation in County programs.
  • Capital budget guidelines spell out the general parameters for funding the capital budget primarily with bonds, paygo funds and capital fund balance.

Visit the Queen Anne’s County website for more information.

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