Carroll Selects Police Accountability Board Members

On Tuesday, September 27th, the Carroll County Board of Commissioners confirmed five members to the county’s first-ever police accountability board (PAB).

Carroll County Board of County Commissioners – courtesy of the Maryland Manual On-Line
Left to right: Dennis E. Frazier, Stephen A. Wantz, Edward C. Rothstein, C. Richard Weaver, Christopher E. Bouchat.

Under the Maryland Police Accountability Act of 2021, counties must establish PABs, Administrative Charging Committees (ACCs), and trial boards. PABs will receive complaints of police misconduct, review police disciplinary trends, and work with local law enforcement to improve policing. ACCs will receive investigatory reports of police misconduct and determine levels of discipline, whereas trial boards will hear appeals of any recommended discipline.

The Carroll County Police Accountability Board (CCPAB), established by a resolution passed in May, will consist of the following members:

  • Stacy Shaffer (Chairperson)
  • Lisa Knight
  • Steven Miller
  • Ian Shaw
  • Jeremy Willet

Although no timeline has been set, the CCPAB will now appoint members to the County’s ACC, also consisting of five members, including the chairperson of the Police Accountability Board, two members appointed by the County Commissioners, and two civilians selected by the Police Accountability Board.

Read the full Carroll County press release.