Cecil’s Forest Conservation Program Gets Favorable Review

637085613863970000.jpegThe Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) last week praised the Cecil County Department of Land Use and Development Services’ (LUDS) implementation of the County’s Forest Conservation Program. During its biennial review of the program, DNR gave the plan a favorable review.

“Cecil County’s forest conservation efforts are vitally important to ensure a clean environment for our citizens now and future generations,” said County Executive Alan McCarthy. “This favorable review is another example of the excellent work being accomplished by the Land Use and Development office staff.”

The Maryland Forest Conservation Act of 1991 requires that prior to the approval of any public or private subdivision, project plan, grading permit, or sediment control permit on a unit of land 40,000 square feet or greater, applicants submit a Forest Stand Delineation (FSD) and a Forest Conservation Plan (FCP).  These plans are approved by the local authority, under a local forest conservation program, or by DNR in areas not subject to a local program.

The Cecil County Forest Conservation program was adopted on December 2, 1992, and became effective on January 1, 1993. The program sets regulations for the cutting, clearing, or grading of forested areas.

According to a press release:

Eric Sennstrom, LUDS Director, and Matt Littlejohn, plans reviewer and administrator of the Forest Conservation Program for LUDS, illustrated existing methods used by Cecil County to successfully implement the Forest Conservation Program, including long-term protective agreements being used to safeguard existing forests throughout the county.

Current reforestation and afforestation projects occurring throughout the County were also discussed, as well as future tree planting plans.

The Cecil County Forest Conservation Regulations seek to protect from disturbance those forested areas of the county which exhibit functions and features necessary for the health and welfare of the citizens of Cecil County by retaining a healthy and ecologically diverse environment.

In addition, the program also sets regulations for the restoration of degraded or long-absent forest environments, as an effort to enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Cecil County, both current and future.

For more information regarding the Forest Conservation Act, please contact Matt Littlejohn, in the Department of Land Use and Development Services at 410-996-5220 or by email at mlittlejohn@ccgov.org.