Olszewski Issues Executive Order to Study Traffic Stop Racial Disparities

In response to concerning data regarding the frequency of traffic stops of black and minority motorists in the county, Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr. has issued an executive order forming a workgroup to study the disparities and release a report on their findings by August 2020.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

The workgroup will be reviewing the county’s police data, rules regarding police stops and the training and supervision officers receive. The team will also work with police to figure out how their actions may be influencing the data.

[Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa] Hyatt, [Baltimore Councilman Julian Jones Jr.] Jones, and [Baltimore County Del. Charles] Sydnor will be members of the workgroup. They will also be joined by State’s Attorney Scott Shellenberger, residents, academics and representatives from the Baltimore County NAACP, police organizations and other groups.

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