Hogan’s Transportation Plans Not Supported by Montgomery Officials

While Hogan’s proposal to widen the Capital Beltway and Interstate 270 was meant to benefit Montgomery County residents, top officials are still not convinced. Both proposed plans include widening the beltway at some point along the I-270 spur, but the consensus is out on exactly where. Two years ago, Hogan backed a partnership where a private sector firm would build and maintain four new lanes and the existing lanes on I-495 and I-270 in exchange for the right to impose tolls on the new lanes for at least 50 years.

From Maryland Matter’s coverage:

Montgomery County leaders — including County Executive Marc B. Elrich (D) and his top transportation official, Al Roshdieh — continue to press for a more traditional and less expensive approach.

They propose widening the Beltway between the American Legion Bridge and the I-270 spur and I-270 between the spur and Interstate 370, using existing right of way.

But they balk at adding four lanes to the section of the Beltway that runs from the 270 spur to Interstate 95 in Prince George’s County out of concern that there isn’t enough room.

They oppose the taking of homes, businesses and parkland to create the space needed for four additional lanes through Kensington and Silver Spring.

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