Montgomery Alcohol Beverage Services Wins National Award for Enforcement Program

Montgomery County Alcohol Beverage Services (ABS) has been recognized with the national Best Practices Award for its Montgomery County Safety Alliance Program by StateWays, a trade magazine.

“Preventing alcohol issues is the goal,” said ABS Director Bob Dorfman. “ABS has a proactive enforcement team that works collaboratively with other County agencies to help streamline processes, educate the public and protect the health and safety of our community.”

According to a press release:

An enforcement initiative, the Montgomery County Safety Alliance Network Team hosts quarterly meetings to network and share code compliance regulation information. The team disseminates this information to licensed establishments through site visits, leaving written recommendations for code compliance.

Originally developed from a model derived from the Responsible Hospitality Institute, the Safety Alliance Network team was revamped this past year to address community issues regarding businesses and events licensed to sell or serve alcohol.

Launched in 2015, the Best Practices Award recognizes control state agencies that are leading the industry. Winners serve as a model for other agencies to follow.

Seventeen states and all but one providence in Canada operate under a similar alcohol model as Montgomery County. They oversee the sale of distilled spirits and, in some cases, wine and beer through government agencies at the wholesale level. The model allows for revenue from alcohol sales to be returned to a general fund for public services.

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