Build New or Maintain? Total Cost of School Facilities Explained

The Public School Construction Program hosts a webinar on the total cost of facility ownership for school facilities.

The operation and maintenance of a facility can make up half of the total costs of a facility (including construction) over a 30 year period. It’s something to keep in mind when considering the costs of school construction in Maryland according to the State’s Director of Public School Construction, Bob Gorrell.

In a recent webinar on the topic, Gorrell and his staff explored the topic of the total cost of school facilities and opportunities for cost reductions. In one section, they stated,

One way in which a [school board] can reduce total cost of ownership is to maximize the utilization of facilities through adjusting students’ school assignments. Take for example a district with three old school facilities and an uneven distribution of students. It might cost less over 30 years to build a brand new but larger school on a central site and eliminate two outlying and underutilized facilities than it would cost to renovate and continue to operate three smaller schools.

For more information about this topic, see the Presentation Notes and Presentation from the webinar or view the webinar (27 minutes). Additional links will be posted on the Interagency Commission on School Construction Website.

Additionally, see this information from webinar 1 – Facility-Portfolio Management
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