New Apprenticeship Program Gives Students in Prince George’s Bridge Into Trade Careers

student electricianA new registered apprenticeship program through Prince George’s County High School affords high school students the opportunity to learn a trade, be paid for the work they perform, receive college coursework credit, and the potential for job placement once they’ve completed high school and the program.

From The Washington Post:

In a program described as a first in the state, Wilson and other teenagers in Prince George’s County are paired with employees from their school system for an apprenticeship designed to last several years. Their work continues through August and scales back to part time during 12th grade. After graduation, the school system plans to hire the students or place them with industry partners as they continue to train.

“Our goal is to get our students fully licensed as journeymen to work in their chosen trades,” said Lateefah Durant, career and technical education coordinator for the school system, who hopes some of the students have long careers with Prince George’s.

The article reports that 20 students from three high schools were part of the program’s launch in June. And that official plan to expand the program in the future.

For more information read the full article in The Washington Post

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