How Remington & Vernick Engineers Help Local Governments

Remington & Vernick Engineers (RVE) use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to help streamline local government. Here are just a few ways RVE can help your county work more efficiently.

From RVE’s website:

The CADD/GIS Department supports clients through the preparation of essential plans and drawings for public improvements like roads, sanitary sewers, and water systems. Our CADD/GIS Department provides various support services to local governments; among them being the production of tax maps and the preparation of official election and ward maps. RVE utilizes the latest software to convert up-to-date parcel maps into electronic media through the means of scanning, digitizing, and deed/tax protraction, enabling the development of geographically correct base maps.

Each engineering and planning project requires the development of detailed drawings and specifications, with no room for error. The CADD/ GIS Department has the experience and capabilities to produce quality products in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Geographic Info Systems Service Capabilities:
    • Roadway Design for Traffic Devices, Roadway Systems, Bridges, & Dams.
    • Structural Design for Water Systems, Sewer, Drainage, Wells & Tanks, & Water Towers.
    • Environmental Mapping.
    • Election & Ward Mapping.
    • Legislative & Congressional Mapping.
    • Park & Recreation Design.
    • Site Planning.
    • Land Subdivision.
    • Tax Map Update, Revision, & Generation.
    • Master Plan Mapping.
    • Topographic & Outbound Surveys.
    • Zoning & Land Use Mapping.

For more information on Remington & Vernick Engineers (RVE) and their GIS services, visit their website.

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