GOCCP Begins “Handle With Care” Training Workshops

kids-1093758_1920The Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention (GOCCP) provided the first round of training on “Handle with Care” a statewide initiative to help kids that have experienced adverse childhood experiences.

From a GOCCP news release:

Statewide Handle with Care Coordinator, Kelly Gorman, trained approximately 200 law enforcement officers, teachers, and mental health providers during the 24th annual Baltimore County Safe Schools Conference in Baltimore, Md., and the Coalition for Juvenile Justice Conference in Washington, D.C.

Handle With Care is designed to address Adverse Childhood Experiences through coordinated, trauma-sensitive practices. First responders can send notices to schools after encountering a child at the scene of a traumatic event, and that information goes to trusted adults who extend support to the child should any signs of trauma or uncharacteristic behavior arise. Children are then referred, with permission from a parent or guardian, to a mental health provider, if necessary.

In Maryland, 11 counties have implemented the program and six more will be piloting the program this fall. The initiative began in West Virginia in response to the opioid crisis.

For more information:

Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention Leads First Handle With Care Training Workshops (GOCCP)