This Place Can’t Run Without the Membership of the Community

Kate Tomanelli, Executive Director, Maryland State Firemen’s Association will speak about the dire need for volunteer fire recruits at the MACo Summer Conference.

Volunteer fire departments across Maryland struggling with a lack of volunteers reach out to residents for support, advertising the rewards that dedication to service and community bring.

Legislation to create a workgroup to study staffing shortages in volunteer fire companies was introduced at the end of the 2019 General Assembly’s Session and failed to reach final passage.

The issues continue, however, and worsen with staffing shortages affecting volunteer fire companies throughout Maryland. These shortages can result in calls being transferred from station to station as units ‘scratch’ for lack of fighters to staff a truck.

Kate Tomanelli, Executive Director of the Maryland State Firemen’s Association is the 1st Lieutenant, EMS for United Communities Fire Department, serving southern Kent Island.

The United Communities’ recruitment video emphasizes the need for all backgrounds to help run a successful fire department, including:

  • plumbers,
  • electricians,
  • accountants, and
  • nurses.

MACo’s summer conference in Ocean City will hold back-to-back sessions on the volunteer fire service before the Governor’s address on Saturday, August 17, 2019. More information about the volunteer fire sessions at MACo’s Summer Conference.

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