Maryland Graded a B in Student Chance for Success

Education Week has released its major report Quality Counts 2019, which includes one metric grading Maryland near the top of the Nation.

Education Week has released Quality Counts 2019, an annual update to its various metrics and analysis of public school systems nationwide. As usual Maryland rates toward the top of the pack nationally.

In their index of “Chance for Success” Maryland was awarded a grade of B, with an indexed grade of 84.8. That compares favorably to the national average of 79.0, and places Maryland 8th on a ranked list of all the states evaluated.

From their analysis:

The Education Week Research Center’s Chance-for-Success Index identifies strengths and weaknesses in each state’s education pipeline that—taken together—capture the many factors within and outside of the pre-K-12 education system that contribute to a person’s success throughout a lifetime.

The Index is based on 13 distinct factors gauging education-related opportunities in three broad stages of a person’s life: early foundations, the school years, and adult outcomes.

Visit the Education Week website (free registration required to vies full material) for more information on the ratings and the source data, as well as an interactive map to view various state information.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties