WSSC Reports Two Sewage Overflows in Prince George’s After Heavy Rains

As heavy rainfalls continue to blanket much of the Maryland region, local sewer systems struggle to keep wastewater from overflowing into local waterways. A Washington Post article (2018-12-17) reported on two sewage overflows that occurred last weekend in Prince George’s County. From the article:

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission [WSSC], the water and sewer utility for Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties said an estimated 690,000 gallons of diluted wastewater entered a drainage ditch leading to Broad Creek in the Fort Washington area. …

The other overflow incident occurred near the Piscataway Water Resource Recovery Facility on Farmington Road in the Accokeek area, the WSSC said.

The wastewater flowed into Piscataway Creek, the utility said. The amount involved was not immediately available.

The article indicated that the Broad Creek overflow lasted roughly four and a half hours while the Piscataway Creek overflow lasted over 24 hours.