Compromise Criminal Justice Reform Bill Includes Reauthorization of Second Chance Act

Lady JusticeReauthorization of the Second Chance Act would extend funding for local reentry programs through 2023.

A Senate floor vote on the bipartisan criminal justice reform bill — the First Step Act — which includes the reauthorization of the Second Chance Act, is expected by the end of the year.

NACo reports:

Since 2009, more than one out of three Second Chance Act awards have gone directly to county governments who have received $95 million over the past nine years. These grants provide financial assistance for programs such as employment training, mentoring, substance abuse, mental health treatment and other family-based services to assist formerly incarcerated individuals as they reenter society. You can read more about the benefits of Second Chance Act Grants here.

The article notes that the reauthorization includes several improvements to the program including changes to how grants are distributed geographically, the scope of Career Training Grants, and to subsidization of  programs for formerly incarcerated individuals.

For more information:

Second Chance Act reauthorization included in compromise criminal justice reform bill (NACo Blog)