Eastern Shore General Election Highlights

(photo source: Wikipedia)

Caroline County

The Caroline County Board of Commissioners will see the return of incumbents Larry C. Porter (R) (29.7%), Wilbur Levengood Jr. (R) (25.8%), and Daniel Franklin (R) (25.8%).


District 1 incumbent Don B. Satterfield (R) lost to challenger Jay Leonard Newcomb (D).  Newcomb secured 53.3% of the vote to Satterfield’s 46.1%. Incumbents William Nichols (District 2) (D), Ricky C. Travers, Sr. (District 3) (D) will return to the council having run unopposed in the general election. They will be joined by newcomers Lenny Pfeffer (District 4) (R) and Libby Handley Nagel (District 5) (R) who respectively beat incumbents Rick Price (District 4) (R) and Tom Bradshaw (District 5) (R) in the primary election.


The commissioner race in Kent County was close with each of the candidates running within a few percentage points of each other. Of the incumbents, only Ronald Fithian (R) will be returning. Newcomers Bob Jacob (R) and Tom Mason (R) were the top vote earners securing 18% and 17.3% of the vote respectively. Fithian came in third with 17.1% of the vote. Incumbents  William Short (R) and William Pickrum (D) lost in the general coming in fourth and fifth place with 16.5% and 16% of the vote.

Queen Anne’s

At-Large incumbent Jim Moran (R) retained his seat in the general election with 63.0% of the vote, fending off a challenge from Elaine Harrison (D). In District 1, incumbent Jack Wilson won his race with 67.9% of the vote. In District 2, incumbent Steve Wilson (R) prevailed with 64.4% of the vote. In District 3, former Commissioner Phil Dumenil (R) prevailed over Jim Coulter (D), earning 63.9% of the vote. The seat was vacated by Robert Buckey (R), who did not seek reelection. In District 4, Chris Corchiarino (R) defeated Deborah Krueger (D), capturing 65.1% of the vote. The seat was vacated by Mark Anderson (R), who was defeated by Corchiarino in the primary election.


District 1 incumbent Craig N. Mathies (D) retained his seat having run unopposed in the primary election and the general election. District 2 saw a race between two sitting incumbents: Charles Fisher (R) and Rex Simpkins (D). Simpkins beat Fisher in the general election 52.3% to 47.1%. Fisher had served as commissioner for District 3.  In District 3, the race was between newcomers  Eldon Willing (R) and Deborah Ann Nissley (D). Willing won with 60.8% of the vote.  District 4 saw Charles Laird (R) win against Ken Ballard (D). Laird secured 74.9% of the vote. And in District 5 incumbent Randy Laird (D) won against challenger Mike Corbin (R) by securing 62.6% to Corbin’s 37.1%.


Much like Kent, Talbot saw a close race between candidates. Incumbent Laura Everngam Price (R) is running in first place with 8,525 votes (11.7%).  Pete Lesher (D) is in second with 8,281 votes (11.4%). Incumbent Corey Pack (R) is in third with 8,210 votes (11.3%). Incumbent Chuck Callahan is in fourth with 8,095 votes (11.1%). And Frank Divilio is in fifth with 7,630 votes (10.5%). Incumbent Jennifer Williams did not make it through the general election.


Incumbent County Executive Bob Culver (R), secured his seat in the general election with 49.1% of the vote,  beating back challengers John William Hamilton (D) and Jack Heath (Unaffiliated).

For the at-large council seats, Republican Incumbent John T. Cannon and Democratic candidate William R. McCain prevailed with 28.7% and 25.9% of the vote. In District 1, incumbent Ernest Davis (D) secured his seat as he was unopposed in the general election. In District 2, incumbent Marc Kilmer (R) beat Alexander W. Scott (D). In District 3, incumbent Larry W. Dodd (R) held his seat against challenger Michele Gregory (D). In District 4, Josh Hastings (D) beat Suzanah Cain (R). And in District 5 incumbent Joe Holloway was unopposed, securing his position on the council.


Incumbents Diana Purnell (District 2) (D), Madison “Jim” Bunting, Jr. (District 6) (R), and Joseph M. Mitrecic (District 7) (R) retain their seats as county commissioners having faced no challengers in the primary or general elections. In District 1 incumbent Merrill W. Lockfaw, Jr. (R) lost against challenger Joshua C. Nordstrom (D) who received 53.7% of the vote. In District 3 incumbent Bud Church (R) won against challenger Zackery Tyndall. In District 4 incumbent Theodore “Ted” Elder (R) defeated challenger Virgil L. Shockley (D). And District 5 incumbent Chip Bertino (R) won against challenger Judy Butler (D).

Vote totals and percentages in this article are based on unofficial results from the Maryland State Board of Elections as of 10:00 am Wednesday, November 7, 2018.