Big Discussions on Small Cells at MACo Symposium

Lead sponsor AT&T offers welcoming remarks.

MACo’s Spring Symposium ‘The Big Picture on Small Cells’ delivered important and timely information on the emerging technology to a full house of local government attendees.  

This year MACo’s spring symposium drew a wall-to-wall and wide ranging crowd of county officials, planners, IT officers, attorneys, government relations staff, and industry experts to discuss small cell technology and local governments role and responsibilities of managing deployment.

Held June 21, 2018 at the Newton White Manor in Prince George’s County participants discussed ways counties can prepare for and manage the deployment of small cells in their jurisdictions. The event was moderated by Mitsuko Herrera, Director of UltraMontgomery.

Andrew Afflerbach
Afflerbach explaining stakeholders involved in small cell technology.

Small Cell 101 and the Race to 5G

The day started with a nuts and bolts presentation about small cells and the oft discussed coming of 5G technology. Topics ranged from the components of a small cell, range and purpose of the services they provide, and how the technology fits in to present and future connectivity concerns.

Panelists included:

  • Andrew Afflerbach, Director of Engineering – CTC Technology and Energy

Small Cells Major Issues Panel
Presenters discussed federal timelines and shot clocks for small cells that counties must meet while managing processes on the local level.

Major Legal Issues

This Q&A style panel walked through important issues and legal considerations counties must consider when it comes to small cells. The panelists answered questions pitched by moderator Mitsuko Herrera and raised by audience members regarding topics including federal laws and shot clocks, the different roles counties play in the transactions and ensuring all the necessary county departments are involved, the various agreements that should be considered and crafted, and working with the expectations of community members.

Panelists included:

  • Gerard Lederer, Partner, BBK Law
  • Victor Tervala, Chief Solicitor, Baltimore City

Success Stories Panel
Speakers highlighted their jurisdictions’ accomplishments managing small cell deployment.

Success Stories

For the afternoon sessions, representatives from counties and municipalities showcased their success stories of devising agreements and/or ordinances and working with the industry to manage the deployment of small cells within their jurisdictions.


Panelists included:

  • Bill Jorch, Manager, Government Relations and Research, Maryland Municipal League (MML)
  • Helen Spinelli, Principal Planner, Queen Anne’s County
  • John Seefried, Bureau of Engineering, Howard County
  • Frank Johnson, Assistant City Attorney, City of Gaithersburg
  • Victor Tervala, Chief Solicitor, Baltimore City

Facilitated Discussion

The day ended with an open forum for audience member to ask any remaining questions they had for the moderator and other attendees in the room.

The event was sponsored by AT&T. Exhibitors included Crown Castle, Shulman Rogers Law Firm and Government Wireless Technology & Communications Association (GWTCA), Smartlink LLC, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless.

Thank you, AT&T, for your continued support of Maryland’s counties!


MACo will discuss small cells again as part of its 2018 Summer Conference Tech Expo. Learn more about “Surf’s Up! Small Cell Tsunami,”  scheduled for Wednesday, August 15, from 11 am – noon.

Learn more about MACo’s Summer Conference:


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