Preparing for the 2020 Census and the Senior Boom

Do you know what awaits your county in 2020 and beyond? The U.S. Census Bureau is working to help you find out. The bureau is charged with gathering and analyzing data about the nation’s people and economy to help provide the information you need to help target and deliver services to your residents. Maryland is preparing for an estimated 40% boom in its senior population over the next few years and data from the U.S. Census Bureau can help you prepare.

Don’t get caught flat-footed on shifts in your county’s demographics! Learn more at the 2018 MACo Summer Conference session, “Turn the Tide with Demographics: 2020 Census and the Senior Boom.

Title: Turn the Tide with Demographics: 2020 Census and the Senior Boom

Description: The population of “Boomers” is booming. Between 2015 and 2030, it is estimated that Maryland’s senior population will increase by 40% from 1.2 million to 1.7 million individuals. What’s a state to do? Prepare! The 2020 U.S. Census will play a key role in counting the population and collecting the information that shapes the state’s demographics.  Census information is vital for local governments as they strategically plan to meet the needs of their diverse communities, address shifting demographics, and provide essential support and services to targeted populations such as seniors and their caregivers. In this session, learn about how key stakeholders are working to take stock of Maryland’s population and plan to address their needs in the future and beyond.


  • Pattie Tingle, Executive Director, MAC, Inc.
  • Nesreen Khashan, Data Dissemination Specialist, U.S. Census Bureau
  • The Honorable Catherine Pugh, Mayor, Baltimore City

Moderator: The Honorable Mike McKay, Maryland House of Delegates

Date/Time: Thursday, August 16, 2018; 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

The 2018 MACo Summer Conference will be held August 15-18 at the Roland Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, Maryland. This year’s theme is “Water, Water Everywhere.”

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