Schrader Confirmed as Maryland Health Secretary

New State Health Secretary Dennis Schrader was confirmed by the Senate to assume his full role, following dense vaccine oversight meetings throughout the session.

Secretary Schrader, addressing a Senate Vaccine Oversight meeting earlier during the 2021 session

Dennis Schrader, now formally the Maryland Secretary of Health, received his full confirmation of the Senate on Friday April 2. The approval came toward the end of the legislative session, where public health matters, and COVID vaccinations in particular, have occupied much public attention and concern.

Whie the final vote on his nomination was not unanimous (two Senators voted against it), it did not prove to be a contentions final decision.

Mr. Schrader had previously been nominated to the post, but had not been confirmed by the Senate, leading to peculiar machinations within the Administration and its health and leadership teams.

For more insight into the process leading to Secretary Schrader’s ultimate confirmation, see this analysis from Maryland Matters: “Why Dennis Schrader Sailed Through His Senate Confirmation

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties