Boxed Out? Criminal History Checks and County Employment

The Maryland Association of County Human Resources Officers sponsors an educational session on ban-the-box employment practices.

Each year, studies show that approximately 15,000 people return from prison to communities across Maryland. According to advocates, many individuals re-entering society find that criminal records and low educational levels can be barriers to mainstream employment.

Several counties have passed legislation prohibiting employers from asking about past criminal convictions as part of the hiring process. However, those governments that have not worked under these policies may wonder how they affect hiring for security-sensitive roles, and positions with minors.

Advocates describe the positive repercussions that banning the box can have on prisoner re-entry into society. County government human resources professionals operating under the laws can share what has changed — and what hasn’t, in a post ban-the-box world. County government officials not operating under ban-the-box laws may ask questions.

Jacia T. Smith, Esq., Deputy Director, Human Resources Operations, City of Baltimore will provide insight into how the City of Baltimore has implemented ban-the-box legislation.
Caryn York, Executive Director, Job Opportunities Task Force will share perspective and data on ban-the-box laws and policies.

Learn about ban-the-box and the particular county effects in this MACo Summer Conference Session. Check the box on this panel on Friday, August 17, 2018 at MACo’s Summer Conference.

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