Ball Reconsidering Proposed Ellicott City Demolition Plan

WTOP news article (2018-11-14) reported that incoming Howard County Executive Calvin Ball is reconsidering a plan to demolish 10 historic buildings in downtown Ellicott City to help mitigate the catastrophic flooding that has swept through the area twice in the last several years. As a County Council Member, Ball voted against the flood mitigation plan, which had been proposed by outgoing County Executive Allan Kittleman.

The proposed 5-year mitigation plan provoked some controversy with historical and preservation groups, who objected to the proposed building demolition portion. Kittleman has defended the demolitions as a necessary component of the plan and stated that the decision was only reached after the completion of a comprehensive engineering study which looked at the flooding issue.

From the article:

“I want to make sure people feel safe in Ellicott City, work toward getting as much of the floodwater off the street as quickly as possible, while still preserving the historic character and nature that makes Ellicott City a destination,” Ball said. …

“I think taking away a lot of the things that people (want to visit in) Ellicott City is counterproductive, if that’s not something that we have to do,” Ball.

In the article Ball indicated that his staff is reviewing all options to address the flooding issue and will be seeking both guidance and funding from state and federal agencies.

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